“ BALMUDA Technologies ” です。このブランドが受け持つのは、スマートフォンをはじめとするIT機器や、技術集積度の高い製品群。またこれらに関わるサービスの展開も、この新ブランドで行っていく予定です。

私たちは、私たちの全力を尽くして、皆さんを驚かせ、そしてできれば喜んでいただきたいと願っています。BALMUDA Technologies のこれからの行動を、どうぞ楽しみにしていてください。

兼 チーフデザイナー 
寺尾 玄

Making a reality of the most creative dreams through the power of technology for the benefit of all.

At BALMUDA, it is this idea that drives us every day since we established ourselves in Tokyo in 2003. Until now as an appliance maker, whether developing a toaster or a fan, we always kept challenging ourselves to stay true to this ethos.

Making a reality of unique products such as our double-bladed fan or steam-driven toaster might have looked humorous to some people, however, deviating from “conventional” methodology defines the way we create, and therefore defines who we are.

Even though our actions may seem odd at times, there is a single belief that connects everything we do. The idea that values that can’t be quantified are far more important than numerical ones. In other words, concepts such as taste, comfort, or beauty are more important than function and size.

Our products may have encountered diverse commercial fortunes. Yet, we never strayed from the belief that experience is paramount. I can tell you with the utmost confidence that we have never made “ordinary things”.

This will never change. In 2021, we are establishing a new brand called “BALMUDA Technologies”. We are expanding the range of challenges we are taking upon and the fields we are taking our beliefs to. This new brand will be leading the development of high-tech devices such as smartphones and eventually a variety of highly integrated tech products. We will also be developing related applications and services under this new brand.

Gen Terao
CEO and Chief Designer, BALMUDA, Inc.